Causes of Common Elbow Pain

This treatment is for elbow pain from tendinitis, or lateral or medial epicondylitis.  Bursitis may be present as well.  It is perhaps the most common type of elbow pain that affects people.

Elbow tendinitis, more specifically called lateral or medial epicondylitis depending on which side is affected, is caused by strain of the tendons that attach to the sides of your elbow, called the condyles.  This can be caused by repetitive movements that stress those tendons such as a tennis or golf swing; by lifting something heavy, or even by doing pushups.

It can also occur from repetitive keyboarding or other, continuous fine dexterity hand and finger movements.  In these cases typically the arms and shoulders are not in the best ergonomic position, which adds to the strain.

People who do movements that they are not used to doing are more prone to develop such strain injuries; those over age 40 have a higher incidence.

Since the elbow joint is relatively shallow (not much fat and muscle covering it) it is relatively easy to access with therapy.

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