Get Eight Hours of Quality, Deep Sleep Each Day


Sleep is when most of your body’s repair and regeneration activities take place.  It allows your brain cells to rest so that they can run your body efficiently the next day.  Failing to get quality sleep interferes with this process and invites all kinds of health problems, especially brain/ cognition problems.

Do not stay up late, even if you don’t feel sleepy and make sure your bedroom is pitch black when you sleep.  Don’t totally block out your window, since you should wake up with sunrise (keep venetian blinds slightly open). If there is a bright street lamp outside your room, relocate your sleep area.  Light, even weak light that enters your eye as you try to sleep at night disrupts melatonin production and keeps you awake.  Melatonin, also a powerful anti-oxidant for the brain, is produced as night falls to tell your body to get ready for sleep.  It also plays a big role in brain detoxification.

If you have trouble sleeping, do your best to synchronize your circadian rhythm with your local day and night cycle.  This means getting adequate sun during the day, and avoiding unnatural light (especially fluorescent) as evening is in full swing.

If work limits you from getting outside enough, get a light therapy box like the Lightphoria Energy Light Lamp.  Shine it on your body as you work during the day, indoors.  It is much better than florescent lighting and can even reduce seasonal affective disorder.

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