Self-Test for Fibromyalgia

Using the tip of your index finger, apply firm pressure over the following areas of your body:


  • Posterior neck muscles at base of neck
  • Sternocleidomastoid muscles of neck
  • Ribs just under your collar bone
  • Upper trapezius muscle
  • Levator scapula muscle (where it inserts into shoulder blade)
  • Lateral elbows (epicondyles)
  • Pelvic iliac spine (bony bumps behind your pelvis)
  • Greater trochanters (bony bumps over your hip joints)
  • Medial (inner) knees

If you feel unusually sensitive and sore over these areas for more than two weeks in a row, you by conventional definition (remember, there is no “objective” diagnostic test) have fibromyalgia.

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