Check if You Have Unequal Leg Lengths


Have someone compare the lengths of your legs (see above).  Lie down on a firm surface making sure to keep your body in a straight line and have the observer grasp your feet as shown and push them slightly to take out any slack.

If one leg appears “shorter” than the other (in the picture above, the RIGHT leg appears shorter than the left), it is either apparent (the leg bones themselves are the same length but the pelvis or lower back is crooked, pulling one leg upwards causing it to appear shorter) or physical (less likely) where one leg is physically shorter than the other because it did not grow as long as the other, or the person injured a hip, knee, ankle or growth plate causing that leg to be shorter.

If one of your legs appears to be shorter than the other, place a heel lift in the shoe that is on the same side of the shorter leg.  First try a thin heel lift, about ¼ of the leg length discrepancy distance (i.e., if the difference in your heels is an inch, get a ¼ inch heel lift).  Wear it for one week and re-evaluate your foot pain.  If it helps, try one that is about ½ of the leg length discrepancy distance, and see if it helps even more.   Do this until you find the heel lift thickness that provides you the most relief.

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