Check Your Leg Lengths for Discrepancy



This person has a “short” RIGHT leg, and should try wearing a 1/8″ heel lift in his right shoe.

If you have one leg that is shorter than the other, you are putting more weight on the “shorter” hip as your body weight will shift towards that side.

Have someone check you for leg length discrepancy. To do this, lie down barefoot on a firm, flat surface (floor is best); shake your legs gently and then lie still, straight as a line (this part is very important to the accuracy of this test).

Have a housemate examine your heels to see if they line up in a horizontal line.  If one of them appears “higher” than the other; perhaps by a quarter inch, that is something out of the ordinary.  Test wearing a heel lift on that side in all your shoes; one that is a little less thick than the heel discrepancy measurement, for a week and see if it helps your hip pain.  Heel lifts are cheap (about $6) and can be ordered online.

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