Stretch Tight Hip Muscles:  Quadriceps



Tight, contracted (abnormally shortened) muscles around the hip can pull the femoral head into the hip socket too tightly.   The psoas muscle can compress the iliopectinal bursa, a round, flat tissue tasked with reducing friction between the psoas muscle and the underlying hip joint.  Tight psoas and quadriceps can pull your pelvic bowl downward, causing it to lean anteriorly (forward), a sub-optimal position for proper hip joint movement.

To correct this, stretch your quadriceps, psoas, hip adductor and gluteus (buttock) muscles daily.

To stretch your quadriceps, stand on one leg and use a chair back for bracing with the same side hand.  Keeping your knee pointed straight down, bend your lower leg up (move your heel to your buttock) and grasp the instep with your other hand and lift it straight up making sure to keep your knee pointed straight down at all times.  You should feel a strong stretch in your quadriceps muscle.  Hold for 20 seconds, relax, and repeat six times.  Do 3x daily.

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