Use Red Light Therapy on Your Knee

Studies show that red light in the visible electromagnetic spectrum gets absorbed by cellular structures, causing an increase in energy output (ATP production).   This enables cells to make proteins for repair, remove waste products and lower inflammation– three important things needed for cell repair and regeneration.   A detailed explanation of this can be found here.


Tendlite Red Light Therapy for home use. See end of this book for more info.

Apply red light to your knee joint line, targeting the meniscus and cartilage.  Do 4-6 doses of one minute each twice a day for two weeks, then as needed.   Do it behind the knee; in front of the knee (to the sides of your knee cap) and to the sides; apply it with your knee in the 90 degree bent position and in the straight position.


Infrared Heat Lamp for Deep Penetration

Then, use an infrared lamp to reach deeper areas of your knee.   Again, do it in the front of your knee with your knee bent 90 degrees (this exposes more of the cartilage of the femoral condyle) and behind your knee, with your knee straight.  Do for 20 minutes.

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