PosturePump™ Elliptical Back Rocker for Low Back Pain

This device is designed to expand thinning, weak lumbar discs and help restore some curvature to the lumbar spine. You lie on your back and place the PosturePump™ under your low back, pump the specially angled air bladders and rest for 10 to 20 minutes.  Thisis  effective if your lower back pain is coming mostly from disc compression and muscle fatigue.  The expansion of the discs draws in some fluids into the disc, helping it to rehydrate and thicken.

How to Use It:

Use the PosturePump twice a day, in the morning and evening, for 20 minutes each.  For the first week, do not pump any air; simply lie on your back with the PosturePump positioned under the lumbar spine.

Starting with Week 2, attempt two (2) full pumps for that week’s sessions.  Increase by two pumps for subsequent weeks until you reach 8-10 pumps or the level that you can tolerate.  Deflate the device and rest for 30 seconds before attempting to sit up.  Do not do anything strenuous to your low back (lifting, bending) for at least an hour after using the device.

Here is a YouTube video where I demonstrate how to use the Elliptical Back Rocker:

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