The Back Bubble™ Spinal Decompression Device

This is an FDA-approved therapeutic product designed to provide relief for lower back pain related to degenerated/ bulging lumbar discs, facet syndrome, vertebral misalignment or similar mechanical dysfunction of the low back.

It consists of a specially-engineered, inflatable cushion and a heavy duty spring that comfortably lift and support your body while the force of gravity gently decompresses your spine.

Recommended by MD’s, chiropractors and physical therapists, the Back Bubble aligns, stretches and rehabilitates your back in a comfortable position.  You’ll feel like you are floating in air-cushioned weightlessness as the tension and pain in your lower back gradually dissipate!

How to Use It:

This device can be used in different positions, depending on your preference.  You can simply sit in it and bend your knees to exert decompression.  You can also lie down on your back with legs up and use your torso weight to traction.

Use the Back Bubble after a long day sitting at your desk or driving long hours.  Keep one in your office and use it for 10-15 minutes mid-day to decompress your lower back. It’s a small investment that can save you from potential back problems and future, expensive treatment at the doctor’s office.

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The Back Bubble Home Spinal Decompression device. See end of this ebook for more info.

Watch the video below to see the Back Bubble in action:

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