Gravity Inversion Table

This device can be used to provide a general stretch with spinal traction. It emphasizes the lumbar spine, but you get a little traction in the upper spine as well.  You control the steepness of the angle of the table tilt (and thus, the strength of traction) by raising your arms above you at different angles.  You can gently twist (rotate) your spine while it is stretched to enhance the traction to the facet joints on each side of your spine.

How to Use It:

Strap yourself into the inversion table, and start out with a 10 degree tilt.  Hold for 12 seconds.  Increase the angle by ten degrees.  The steeper the angle, the more traction force is generated but it will be more uncomfortable due to blood having to pump up against gravity.  Gently twist from side to side to decompress the spine; you may hear some pops and clicks but this is normal.  I recommend doing the inversion table for 10 minutes at the end of the day when your spine is the most compressed.


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