Personal Infrared Sauna

If your pain is significant, this can help take the edge off of it.  Infrared light heats up your body without heating the air around you.  The light penetrates your skin up to about 10 mm and increases blood circulation to tissues, kills some germs and viruses, helps detoxify through sweat, and stimulates energy production in your cells (increases metabolic activity) which enhances healing.

This compact sauna is portable and can be set up in a typical bedroom.  Using infrared sauna once a week can be helpful for relieving back and neck pain.

How to Use:

Before you begin your session, use a dry skin brush to scrape dead skin cells off your body to enhance toxin excretion through the sweat pores.

Use the infrared sauna three times a week for 15-20 minutes if you have lower back pain.  Do it in a quiet, comfortable area; outdoors if possible to take advantage of clean air.  Set the temperature so that you generate a good sweat.   I recommend meditating during your sessions and practicing controlled breathing.

Drink coconut water to replenish lost electrolytes in your body from the sweating.  Afterwards, do the corrective exercises mentioned at the beginning of this ebook.


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