Do Home Spinal Decompression

There are various home-use devices on the market that you can use to traction and decompress your lumbar spine.  This re-hydrates weak and recovering lumbar discs and expands the opening of neural canals (reduces lateral canal stenosis), thus reducing pressure to spinal nerve roots and eliminating radiating pain down the leg.

Do not do home decompression on an acute disc bulge, as it could make it worse.  Wait until the pain has subsided somewhat.  It is best to check with a professional who has treated you, to get his/her opinion first.

The home Spinal Decompression devices I recommend are (see end of this ebook for more info):

  1. Back Bubble™ Spinal Decompression device
  2. Gravity Inversion Table
  3. NuBax Trio™
  4. ComforTrac™ Lumbar Traction
  5. PosturePump™ Elliptical Back Rocker

I will address each one, and the advantages and disadvantages of each:

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