Gravity Inversion Table


With inversion tables, you can control the force of traction by simply raising your arms at different angles.

You lie against the table and strap your ankles in.  Once your start raising your arms, the table begins to tilt backwards.  The higher you raise your arms, the greater the angle.  Raise your arms all the way above your head, and you will be totally upside down.

The advantages of an inversion table are it doesn’t take up much space; it’s easy to use (minimal set up time) which increases compliance; you can easily control the force of traction by varying the angle using your arms;  and you can stretch your back from side to side while in the inclined position which can enhance the decompression effect.

The disadvantage is that it is uncomfortable to stay inverted.  Blood eventually pools to your head, and for some people this can cause migraines.  Being inverted is not recommended for those who have any kind of cardiovascular problem, migraines, vertigo, hip or knee replacement hardware, or any other condition where being inverted would cause aggravation.


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