ComforTrac Lumbar Traction





The ComforTrac is a home use version of professional spinal traction tables.   You simply lie on top of it, attach the harnesses as shown and control the level of traction using a hand pump.

The advantage of this unit is ease of set up and comfort.  It is the most comfortable of all the home spinal decompression units in this report.

Secondly, it is easy to transport.  Take it with you wherever you travel.  Folds up for easy storage and is light weight.

Thirdly, you can precisely control the amount of traction using the hand pump.

The disadvantage is that it does require hand pumping, so if you have arthritis or other hand problem that makes gripping difficult, it could be a problem.

Also, since there is no gravity assistance the force of traction is comparatively not as strong as the previous devices.

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