PosturePump™ Elliptical Back Rocker



The PosturePump Elliptical Back Rocker uses special elliptical air cells that expand upwards and outwards when inflated, which combines traction decompression with lordotic stretching (lumbar extension).

It makes a great, preventive tool if you have thinning, bulging lumbar discs with or without lower back pain, and/or you spend a lot of time sitting at work.  The expansion it creates in your lumbar discs re-hydrates them, bringing in fluids and nutrients.  The stretching may also increase the size of neural canals, relieving the effects of stenosis.

The advantage of the PosturePump Elliptical Back Rocker is that it is the only device listed that tractions and extends (arcs) the lumbar spine simultaneously.   Since the lower back tends to slouch and bend outwards when sitting, maintaining the lumbar arc, called the lumbar lordotic curve  is important to having a strong low back.

Another advantage is its small size and portability– take your PosturePump to your office or wherever you travel for instant home therapy.

The disadvantage is that it does require hand pumping, so if you have problems gripping it could pose a problem.  Also, since there is no gravity assistance, the axial traction force is not as strong as other devices listed in this report.


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