Sciatica from Piriformis Syndrome


If your sciatic nerve is being scissored by the piriformis muscle, the goal is to remove that pressure.

First, consider that something is causing that pirifomis muscle to tighten.  Think about your activities over the past week, and try to identify something you are doing that might be causing it.  Eliminate it, and see how your sciatica responds.

Here are some possible causes:

  • Sitting on a hard chair for more than an hour straight; favoring/leaning on the side with the problem.
  • Carrying a large wallet in your back pocket while sitting for more than an hour straight.
  • Driving a manual transmission car and depressing the clutch with your car seat too far back (repeatedly twists pelvis)
  • Doing squats, lunges, stairmaster or other exercise that loads the gluteal muscles, and doing them wrong or too many of them
  • Sitting with legs crossed for long periods
  • Having an apparent “short leg” that causes excess strain on the muscle


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