Use an Infrared Heat Lamp


Infrared light is not visible, but generates deep, penetrating heat since it has a longer wavelength than regular red light.  Red light is known to increase cellular energy output (ATP production) which enhances tissue repair and regeneration.  It also increases blood circulation below the skin, which increases oxygen and nutrient delivery to injured tissues.

Get a TDP infrared lamp (see end of this ebook for more info).  Lie down on your “good” side in a comfortable position (use throw pillows if you want), with the painful buttock side facing up.  Bring up the “bad” leg (pull the knee up while on your side) so you feel a stretch in your buttock.  Before doing this, position the TDP IR lamp head so that it is pointing directly over your piriformis muscle, about 9″ away and set the timer for 20 minutes and relax.   Do once or twice a day.


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