Self-Treating Common Shoulder Problems



Apply red light therapy all around your shoulder joint.    Red light (near and far infrared) stimulates cells to increase ATP (energy) production, which enhances tissue healing.

To properly administer red light to your shoulder, think of your shoulder joint as the size and shape of a golf ball (spherical surface).  In order to expose all areas to the light beam you need to move your shoulder in various positions as you apply the light.


First, palpate around your shoulder joint and locate the areas that are not covered by the deltoid muscle.  Apply the light over these thinner areas, as light will not reach the joint if you apply it on the thick deltoid muscle.   The thinner areas to target with red light are:

  • just below the edge of the acromion process (the bony cliff on top of the shoulder)
  • directly behind and in front and top of the ball of the shoulder
  • in your axilla (arm pit)

Internally and externally rotate your shoulder to expose different areas for treatment.

The TendLite device (shown in image at top–see end of this book for more info) gives a one minute dose over an area about the size of a quarter.   I suggest 2 doses all around the shoulder socket in these areas three times a day for three straight days to get relief from pain.   In the video below, I demonstrate how to do it:


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