Do These Shoulder Exercises

When your shoulder is less acute and you have better range-of-motion, start to exercise your shoulder joint.  Doing so will make the ligaments and tendons stronger as they heal.

  1. Grab a 5 lb. dumbbell with the bad (shoulder) hand.
  2. Stand with one foot (the foot opposite the side of your problem shoulder) about two feet in front of the other, bend your knee.
  3. Bend forward at the waist (lean over) and support yourself by placing the good hand on the good knee.
  4. Let the bad arm hang while holding the dumbbell. Relax and let the weight of the dumbbell stretch your shoulder joint.  You should be able to feel it stretch inside the capsule.
  5. Gently rock your body in circular, clockwise fashion to move the dumbbell in a circle (remember to keep your shoulder joint relaxed to allow traction to be maintained). Don’t use your arm muscles to move the dumbbell or you will lose the traction effect by engaging your arm and shoulder muscles; let the momentum of the dumbbell move your arm and shoulder instead.
  6. Using TheraBand tubing, strengthen your shoulder by moving it in forward flexion, extension, internal and external rotation, abduction and adduction with resistance from the TheraBand. You can also use 3-5 lb dumbells in lieu of the TheraBand.
Here is a video I made that demonstrates this:

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