Improve Ergonomics

Ergonomics is designing one’s physical work environment in a way that is efficient for one’s body.  This minimizes strain to the body; requires less physical effort, conserves energy, and therefore enables greater work productivity.   Ergonomics is most known to address the typical office environment, but it can be applied to any job whether it be in a manufacturing plant, laboratory and even inside an Indy race car.

If your work involves sitting at a desk and typing, realize that this position is unnatural for the human body as it was designed.  Besides being bad for the lower back, neck and upper extremities, prolonged sitting makes your muscles weak.


Body areas adversely affected by prolonged sitting.

The act of typing can easily strain tendons in the arm and hand, especially if your desk or chair is too high.  A simple solution is to get a motorized stand-up desk, or something like the Vari-Desk which can be placed on a traditional desk and easily raised and lowered.


Watch the video below where I demonstrate how to lower your keyboard without a bulky keyboard tray so that you minimize strain to your hands and wrists:


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