Healing Infrared Therapy in the Comfort of Your Home!

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As a doctor, I come across many therapeutic devices and products touting all kinds of health benefits.  Sometimes vendors send them to me for free to try out; other times I buy them myself, use on my patients and get their feedback.

Most of the time, the product is rather unimpressive, i.e. there is a negligible or unnoticeable effect and you wonder if anything is being done.

But once in a while, I come across a device that works really well and patients love. They love it because it gets good results, is easy to use and isn’t that expensive.

The Portable Infrared Sauna is one of those equipment.

I have been using one myself for the past three years, mostly for detoxification. I get in the sauna, turn it up to 150 degrees, and sit in it for 45 minutes. The deep-penetrating heat causes intense sweating, like one would expect working for three hours under a hot sun. The sweat carries toxins out of my body, and I feel great afterwards.

The other thing this sauna is great for is alleviating pain, especially chronic pain such as arthritic hips, knees, shoulders and spine.



You see, infrared heat is radiant heat in the form of electromagnetic waves. It is the heat that the sun generates, and is invisible to the human eye.

Radiant heat travels through air without heating it up. Instead, the infrared radiation (safe, large wavelength non-ionizing radiation) penetrates several inches into your body. This is what makes infrared more effective for pain relief than a hot pack, hot shower or even hot jacuzzi.



In fact, did you know that a hot pack, even a professional clay hydrocollator pad heated to 150 degrees placed over your hip or shoulder does not heat the internal components of the joint at all?  The heat from a hot pack is superficial; i.e. limited to your skin which means no real therapy is being done.

Deep-penetrating infrared heat is exactly what is needed to reach large joints like the hip, knee and lumbar spine because the contacting surfaces of the large joints are about 1-6” below your skin, depending on your size.

After sitting in the sauna for about 20 minutes, you will begin to feel the effects of those deep-heating infrared waves.  Your heart rate increases and your blood vessels dilate (widen), bringing in more oxygen and nutrients to painful areas. This is helpful if you have an injury your body is currently trying to repair.

You will then start to sweat profusely.  Sweating is your body’s way of cooling itself and removing toxins.

The infrared heat may even enhance or speed up cellular generation (protein synthesis and cell division) in the damaged cartilage, tendons and/or muscle.  Studies suggest that some wavelengths of red light have an ability to cause cells to produce more energy.

After about 45 minutes, you’re done.  Just step out of the sauna, re-hydrate (I recommend pure water or coconut water) and take a cool shower.  Your body will feel much, much better!

I researched many models of portable infrared saunas and discovered the Radiant Saunas Rejuvenator, which is the one I have.

Here’s why I think it’s so great:

  • It’s made up of lightweight material– weighs less than 8 pounds total and sets up in literally seconds.   Takes about the same effort as putting a tablecloth on a dinner table.
  • It’s very durable– few moving parts, tough to break. Solid-state heating elements.
  • It’s collapsible: store it under your bed when not in use; take it with you while traveling.
  • Simple operation: Set treatment time, temperature and press Start.
  • Noticeable results:high sense of satisfaction–you can actually feel it working!  You’ll feel confident that you spent your money well after using it for the first time!

The bottom line is that this thing works great.  It is a highly useful and relatively inexpensive therapy device to have at home.  And if you travel often, you can take your infrared sauna with you:  it will soothe your joints, invigorate you and energize you so that you can enjoy your time away and come back refreshed.

Give your body (or your significant other) a boost of health, and get one today!


It takes about 20 minutes for enough IR energy to build up in your body before you start feeling strong heat, so time your session accordingly.

Ease Pain,  Enhance Tissue Healing and Detoxify with Infrared Sauna Therapy


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