Back, Neck or Joint Pain Making Life TOUGH?

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Get Expert Advice and Guidance Online from a Clinician with Over 20 Years’ Experience.

Pain and InjuryDoctor Online is part of the “tele-health” revolution, offering online self-care advice for common, musculoskeletal problems such as:

Low Back Pain, Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain, TMJ, Headaches, Fibromyalgia, Knee Pain, Hip Pain, Foot Pain, Wrist and Hand Pain.

There are certain things one can do that can significantly reduce the severity of pain, or even eliminate it.  This includes targeted exercises, stretches, lifestyle modifications, dietary strategies and special home-use equipment.

Now you can receive self-help advice specific to your condition  via Skype video call!

30 Minute Skype Video Consultation:  $50

(Pacific Standard Time Zone – San Francisco)

Directions for Setting Up an Online Consultation:



Make sure your computer’s video camera and microphone work.

Sign up for Skype at



Add me to your Skype contacts (dan.perez7).   Watch video below on how to do:



Email me at so we can choose a date and time for your video consultation.  Emails are checked several times throughout the day.  Please wait for my reply.



At the agreed date & time, initiate a video call with me on Skype.  It’s very easy and takes just one click.  See short video below for instructions:

NOTE:  Prepare ahead by setting up your computer and video camera in a well-lighted, open space in your home.  If you have a lamp, point it towards you from 5-10 feet away like a photography light stand for better video quality.

I will be showing you things to do to help relieve your pain that will require some space.



Once we’re connected on Skype and we do a sound and video check, please pay the fee using the button below:


30 Minute Skype Video Consultation:  $50

Once Paypal notifies me of payment received, we will commence video conference.


Your consultation comes with a Summary Report (.pdf) containing specific home-care recommendations to alleviate or cure your condition.  This may include specific exercises and stretches; lifestyle modifications customized to your condition; recommended home therapy equipment and dietary advice.  Remember, there are more ways to combat pain than medicine, injections, surgery and bracing.

Note:  Only English speaking consultations are available.  All major credit cards are accepted; no PayPal account sign-up is required.

** Please note, payment is to Webventures, Inc., our online business entity. **

Virtual Doctors – A Growing Trend in Healthcare

Experts say “virtual doctors” are transforming the delivery of primary health care, giving consumers access to inexpensive, round-the-clock care for routine problems — often without having to leave home or work. ~ USA Today

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