If you have a job that requires continuous sitting and typing at a computer workstation, it is extremely important to ensure that your workstation is set up ergonomically, with respect to your body.

“Overuse injuries,” or repetitive strain injuries (RSIs) can develop in the fingers, hands, wrists, forearm, elbow and shoulder if you are not careful.  RSIs, if allowed to take root can lead to chronic, recurring pain in some people, even when they stop the offending movements.  I”ve seen extreme cases where the individual developed bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome and resorted to surgery in both wrists, all because of repetitive use on the keyboard.

A key factor in these types of injuries is the placement of the keyboard.  It needs to be placed low enough and close to your body so that you aren’t required to lift your upper shoulders and arms to type.  The shoulders should be loose and relaxed; upper arm in line with the torso, elbow at 90-110 degrees, and wrist straight.

In most cases, an adjustable computer keyboard tray that fits underneath the desk surface is necessary.  Most desk surfaces are simply too high to be able to use your keyboard and mouse without having to contract your upper trap and arm muscles.

However, with wireless technology it is much easier to accomplish.  All you need is a portable keyboard/laptop flat table,  a space-saving wireless keyboard, and a wireless mouse.  Place the keyboard flat table on your lap, place the wireless keyboard and mouse on the table (don’t forget to turn them on), and you’ll be all set.

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