Keep a Headache Log

logbookIf your headaches follow a pattern (occur regularly), keep a headache log.  Write down what you ate, what you did, where you went for the day; any medicines or supplements you took and other notable events where you ingested something or were exposed to a possible noxious source (usually industrial in nature).   Identify those days where you had a headache and note any common factors on those days.


If you suspect your headaches may  be caused by a certain food you eat, consider getting a Home Food Allergy Test Kit (see end of this report).  This kit detects immune response to certain foods.  Besides sinus reactions, allergic reactions to food can also come in the form of headaches, fatigue, joint pain, bloating, skin rashes and other abnormal symptoms.

Using the process of elimination, remove one thing at a time (for at least a week) in your daily routine to isolate the offending headache trigger. Once identified, avoid that trigger to reduce your headaches.  The trigger could be a certain food, a preservative in food, salt, processed sugar, perfume, certain cosmetics or personal care items, printer toner cartridge—the list is endless.  Just take good care to observe the foods and chemicals you are exposing your body to each day and update your log.

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