How to Cure Foot Pain

Foot pain can be caused by numerous conditions.   Almost all forms of foot pain start with abnormal foot bone alignment; either congenital (at birth; genetic predisposition) or acquired (from sports, wearing high heels, injuries, etc.).

Since the foot bones affect each other like a chain, one or several misaligned bones can alter the movement of the entire foot and accelerate wear, tear and pain; very much like how a misaligned axle in a car can cause the tires to wear out faster.

The goal, then, is to attempt to correct foot bone misalignment or alleviate its effects using manual therapy, exercises and braces/supports.

Plantar fascitis occurs when the plantar fascia, the broad ligament that connects the heel to the forefoot (ball of the foot) experiences strain.  It is one condition that is not always related to foot biomechanics.

This video course shows effective techniques to alleviate foot pain yourself.



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