How to Eliminate Neck Pain

The most common sources of neck pain in the general population are degenerated or injured discs; facet joint irritation, soft tissue strain (muscle, fascia, ligament, tendon) and neck muscle spasms.  Oftentimes it is a combination of several of these.

Things that can contribute to neck pain include a reversed cervical lordosis where the neck curvature is reversed, and TMJ/ teeth grinding at night.

Neck pain accompanied by shooting pain or tingling down one or both arms indicates nerve involvement.  Most of the time this pain is caused by a nerve root being compressed by some structure; usually a bulging disc or bone spur.

Less common causes of neck pain include vertebral fractures, vertebral slippage (spondylolisthesis); congenital anomalies  (fused vertebrae, cervical ribs, etc.) inhibiting proper joint movement; compression of spinal nerve roots from spinal stenosis, rheumatoid or osteoarthritis,  and bone cancer and other bone pathologies.

The following videos demonstrate safe, clinically proven techniques to treat neck pain yourself.  For some, these techniques will be enough to completely resolve neck pain!

Make sure to check with your doctor first to rule out any serious conditions.


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