How to Resolve Hip Pain

The hip joints absorb the second-highest load among all weight bearing joints in the body.  Only the knee joints absorb more.

Like the knee, the most common source of hip pain in the general population is osteoarthritis, where tiny cracks in the cartilage herald the start of degenerative joint disease, eventually progressing to “bone on bone” abrasion which then triggers chronic inflammation and pain.

Excessive compression occurring inside a hip joint often precedes osteoarthritis.  This may occur from an un-level pelvis, where more weight is placed on one hip vs. the other; or biomechanical problems in the feet or knee causing abnormal hip movement inside the socket while walking or standing.

Those who are overweight are prone to getting hip and knee pain sooner than those who are not.  If this applies to you, a weight loss program can go a long way in reducing or eliminating your hip pain.

This video course demonstrates self-care techniques to treat and resolve early stage hip pain.  It is imperative to take immediate action at the onset of any abnormal sign of hip problems, because once it gets to advanced stages, self care methods are less and less effective and corrective surgery is ultimately required.



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