Lifestyle Modification Tips to Reduce All Kinds of Pain

  1.  DO INTERMITTENT FASTING – Eat only between the hours of 12 pm – 6 pm, or 10 am – 4 pm (one large brunch, one lighter dinner).  Intermittent fasting reduces inflammation in the body, which lessens pain and promotes tissue healing.
  2. RESTRICT GRAIN CARBS AND SUGAR – This lowers your insulin levels, promotes body fat burning and promotes a healthier gut flora which improves digestion and mood.  Eat lots of green leafy vegetables  (less stalky, lamp shade and root plants), fats such as avocado, egg yolks, pastured butter, and nuts, and no more than 8-10 oz. of animal protein including fat.
  3. NO SMOKING; RESTRICT ALCOHOL – Cigarette smoke kills lung cells and has numerous toxins that inhibit proper organ function and endocrine function.  Alcohol stresses the liver and disrupts gut flora.
  4. AVOID SITTING FOR OVER 20 MIN. STRAIGHT – Using an adjustable height desk for working is a good way to avoid prolonged sitting.  If you do have to sit for a prolonged period, keep your low back arched.  Stand up every half hour and do 10 back bends to counteract the forces placed on your low back when sitting.
  5. TRACTION YOUR LOW BACK ON OCCASION – Standing and sitting compress the discs and joint surfaces of the low back.  Use a Back Bubble or Inversion Table to stretch and traction your spine.
  6. USE AN INFRARED SAUNA – Soothes muscles and sweats out toxins from your body.
  7. GET EIGHT RESTFUL HOURS OF SLEEP – Sleep is when your body detoxifies and repairs itself.
  8. REGULARLY ENGAGE IN SOCIAL ACTIVITIES OR THOSE REQUIRING CONCENTRATION – Being isolated and/or idle  increases pain perception, so engage in activities that stimulate the brain.

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