PosturePump™ Disc Rehydrator

posturepumpUse the Cervical PosturePumpDisc Rehydrator device (also recommended in Headaches section). This device uses an air bladder and head strap to gradually re-shape your neck over time so that it curves properly like a spring.  This is called neck lordosis.

Most people have straight “military” necks, which do not support the weight of the head properly, causing neck strain and early degenerative changes in neck vertebrae.  Some people even have neck curves that bend the opposite way, which is worse.  The PosturePump™, when used daily, can help restore your normal neck curvature, decreasing neck muscle strain and pressure in your vertebral joints.

To use it, lie down on your back and place the bladder exactly in the middle part of your neck.  Do not pump it at first.  Lie down for ten minutes so your neck can get accustomed to the position.  Do this three times a day for three days.

Then on the fourth day, pump the air bladder twice.  You will feel a much stronger stretch.  Hold for 12 minutes.  Increase pumps by one for each week, up to your tolerance.

Note:  If you feel dizzy, stop the therapy immediately.  Use your hand to lift the back of your head as you get off the device.

Watch the YouTube video  below where I demonstrate how to use the PosturePump:


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