Home Mechanical Traction

neck tractionStretch, then apply mechanical traction your neck: sit in a chair, erect with head directly over your spine.  Using your right hand, grasp the bottom of the chair for support while using the opposite hand to grasp the top of your head and gently pull down to the left side, stretching your neck muscles on the right.  Hold for 20 seconds; repeat six times, then switch sides.

Next, lie down on a mat and apply the ComforTrac™ home neck traction device.  It’s a simple device that uses an air bladder to stretch the neck in the axial direction, at a 10-20 degree angle.  This separates the facet joints and discs, relieving pressure.

If you have a pinched nerve in the neck, the traction effect can remove pressure to spinal nerve roots and ease arm numbness and tingling.

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