This guide is part of a series that describes techniques used in the chiropractic, physical therapy and sports medicine fields to self-treat common forms of musculoskeletal pain without the use of prescription or over-the-counter medications.

Normally for self-limiting injuries and non-trauma induced pain (conditions that don’t necessarily require medical care; i.e. non-emergency) the body does a good job all by itself to resolve it – rest it and ice it, and in a few days it’s all healed.

But sometimes the healing is incomplete, and the individual is left with annoying, chronic pain that comes and goes for decades without ending.

This guide was written for the latter scenario.  I wrote it because after 20 years of practice, I believe many people unnecessarily deal with annoying pain in their lives that could be greatly improved if not eliminated using self-help strategies at home.

While everyone’s particular condition is different, the procedures outlined in this guide can at the minimum alleviate most cases, as all cases of musculoskeletal pain have components of soft tissue dysfunction, inflammation, nerve excitation and joint misalignment.  These “pain pillars” are the targets of the therapeutic methods contained in the guide.  The methods are generally safe and non-invasive, so the worse that can happen is not experiencing significant improvement.

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