Self Help Strategies for Pain Relief

In both scenarios of pain, the first order of business is to make conditions ideal for healing— in your mind, body, environment and daily activities.   Envision your body as garden soil that needs to be natural and unadulterated; free of pollutants and enriched with minerals and important nutrients so that plants may grow, produce and thrive.

Secondly, try interventions to help the area heal.  Self-administered intervention includes specific stretches and exercises; supplements, diet changes, mind-body and stress reduction exercises and ergonomic adjustments to your work environment.

Certain home-use therapeutic devices can be helpful in assisting your body to heal itself.  The self-treatment procedures contained in this book call for using such products and devices.  I use most of them in my own clinic; some for many years, and get good to great results.  If you wish to get any for yourself, you will find links to them at the end of each Pain Relief report.

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