How Your Body Repairs Itself



Just like New York City, your body is constantly at work rebuilding and repairing. Brain cells detoxify themselves when you sleep. Your liver and kidneys are busy removing toxins and cleansing your blood and tissues.

Your lymphatic system parallels your blood vessels, receiving and disposing accumulated waste products. Lymph nodes contain white blood cells called lymphocytes, the “police” of your body’s community of cells that locates, identifies and destroys harmful invaders.

Special cells called fibroblasts repair soft tissue damage from the day.  Dead skin cells are shedding off your body, and new ones are constantly being created beneath them.  Your intestines separate nutrients from your food and eliminate the rest as waste.

If any of these processes stopped, parts of your body would not function properly and you would probably die prematurely.

Like the entire maintenance crew of New York City, your body’s systems automatically keep you from breaking down prematurely. But those systems can lose efficiency/ get sluggish if you aren’t taking good care of your body.

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