Help is Coming for TMJ Pain


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TMJ, more accurately termed TMD for Temporo Mandibular Joint Dysfuntion is a very bothersome condition characterized by sharp, shooting pain in one or both jaw joints when opening or closing the jaw.  It usually involves jaw misalignment or abnormal movement from trauma, malocclusion (unbalanced bite) or muscle imbalances in the head and neck.

Thankfully, most cases can be resolved with self-rehabilitation.

In a few weeks, you will receive notification when the R2M course on Curing Chronic TMJ Pain is available on Teachable, the popular online teaching platform.

This step-by-step system comprised of videos, supporting documents and links to special resources walks you through simple procedures you can do yourself, and with the help of a partner, to help you conquer TMJ pain.    I developed and already tested these protocols on many of my TMJ patients and found them to work extremely well; often resolving the condition in just a few weeks!

So please keep an eye out for this notification  because it could be a life-changer for you– you don’t want to miss out!

In the meantime, I’ll send you pertinent information on things you can do to alleviate this condition, along with a list of some of the products I prescribe to patients for home therapy.

Below is the link to my eBook, Amazing Pain Relief Methods:  Concepts of Self-Healing.  This ebook, which is viewed on your browser, sets the foundation for the Regeneration Phase of R2M.

Remember, R2M is all about transforming your body into a healthier state and watching pain disappear.  It is not a secret exercise system; it’s a long-term strategy to significantly alleviate chronic pain or eliminate it permanently, sparing you from a life of having to take pain medications every day or dealing with the physical limitations of surgery.

I sincerely look forward to help you get out of pain and improve your quality of life.

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