Possible Reasons Why You Are Still in Pain:

  • Carrying too much weight (overweight, obese)
  • Smoking, Alcohol, Drugs
  • Nutrient-poor diet
  • Not enough restful sleep in a dark room
  • Mental stress; constant worry
  • Long-term prescription medication use
  • Frequently dehydrated
  • Sitting too much; sedentary lifestyle
  • Excessive computer/mobile device usage
  • Not exercising- cardio and strength
  • Negative thinking
  • Spiritual emptiness/ longing
  • Constant exposure to environmental pollutants
  • Not getting enough sunshine for Vitamin D
  • Underlying chronic disease that inhibits nutrient absorption
  • Inflammation throughout your body
  • Doing things that re-injure/ aggravate the area
  • Psychological attachment to pain
  • Crooked, misaligned spine and or joints that don’t allow full tissue recovery
  • Sub-optimal breathing (apnea, hyperventilation)

Do you see anything on the above list that pertain to you?  Well, get rid of the ones you can, and you’re off to a good start.  For some, that alone may cure your pain after a few weeks, and you won’t have to read another word of this guide!


As long as you are living, your body constantly strives to maintain its life-supporting processes.  It has highly specialized systems to accomplish this; systems that are more sophisticated and powerful than any drug.   They heal injured tissues, destroy microbes, remove toxins and regulate organ function to promote survival.  When you have pain , you must optimize these systems so that your body can heal itself properly.  This means eating a wholesome, nutrient-dense diet; getting adequate sleep; engaging in regular, moderate exercise; avoiding toxin ingestion; and tending to your social and emotional health.   These practices paired with the self-treatment techniques contained in my Amazing Pain Relief Methods series of reports will improve your prognosis.

Note:  While the procedures contained in the pain relief reports are generally safe, I recommend that you work in partnership with a qualified health professional as you engage in them.

This concludes the Chronic Pain Main Concepts ebook.

Are You Ready to Get Out of Pain?

The R2M™ Video Rehab Courses are currently in production and will be released in the coming weeks.  This unique rehab system is a long-term strategy, with a goal of permanent resolution of pain.   They incorporate corrective exercises, regenerative nutrition, select home therapy devices and strategic lifestyle modification.

The videos will show you, step by step, what to do each day to work towards eliminating or greatly reducing your pain.  Because I want this information to be available to as many chronic pain sufferers as possible, the cost will be nominal; mostly to cover the cost of production.

Hang in there, help is on the way!


Dr. Perez

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