Causes of Common Headaches

magnifyCommon headaches are believed to be caused by blood vessel constriction or dilation inside the cranium and/or around the scalp.    This can be a reaction to environmental irritants such as artificial food additives (especially preservatives and coloring); air pollutants and fumes, alcohol, medications or other noxious elements.   Nerve endings in the blood vessels get stimulated and generate the pain.

Other possible causes of headaches include long periods of intense concentration; dehydration, excess breathing, noxious visual stimuli (such as flashing lights and video games); electromagnetic fields; hormone changes and even weather changes.

Headache pain can also be generated by scalp or neck muscle spasm.  This can be due to the body’s reaction to stress combined with biomechanical problems, particularly neck bone misalignment, pinched nerves and stiff neck and shoulder muscles.

Red flags for headaches include brain tumor, cerebral aneurysm, parasitic infection, viral infection and poisoning.

This guide is for common, tension-type headaches.  The techniques may also help migraines.  Always make sure to see your doctor to rule out any red flags.

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