The Limitations of Healing

Can your current problem resolve on its own or with therapy?

It depends on a number of factors.   A severely degenerated hip joint is an example of a case that is beyond self-help or therapy measures, as far as curing is concerned.   You can do therapy to alleviate the pain, but it will never go away entirely.  The cartilage has eroded (cartilage cell death), exposing the hip bone to mechanical abrasion in the hip socket.   It is past the point of no return and is a case for orthopedic surgery; i.e. hip joint replacement.

Basically, chronic pain cases involving significant tissue degeneration/cell death have less potential to be cured by self-help, non-invasive measures; i.e. diet, exercises and therapy.

If your pain has not reached this point—if cells are still living but dormant, the potential for total resolution is still present.   But, with each passing year it becomes more difficult to resolve, so it is critical for you to take prompt action by summoning and optimizing your body’s innate, sophisticated recuperative abilities.  Do things to help your body heal itself.  Give it some assistance to re-ignite those natural processes and remove any barriers to healing that you have control over.  This is what this book aims to teach you.

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