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After months of planning, my new video blog is finally up and running!

This has been something I’ve wanted to do since 2004 but my “real job” of being a busy doctor of chiropractic demanded most of my time; not to mention the addition of my son Sean who came into this world in late 2007 just when I was conceptualizing the format of this site.

However, things happen for a reason.  The delay in the launch was a blessing in disguise as I accumulated a vast amount of knowledge in musculoskeletal pain treatment and management over the past several years.  After being in practice for a while, eventually you feel like you’ve treated “everything under the sun.”  I believe I am close to this, as it’s been a long time since I’ve had a patient who presented with something I haven’t seen before.

This site will basically serve as a visual repository of what I know about treating common forms of musculoskeletal pain seen in the population.  What is the point of doing this?  I’ll let you in on a little secret:  there are lots of self-care strategies to relieve and even cure most cases of common, musculoskeletal pain, and help prevent them from returning or happening in the first place.   This can lead to faster recovery and lower doctor’s bills.  It can even help reduce national health care costs if more people knew about them.  And that would be a good thing for everyone!

The videos will be produced with the common patient in mind as the audience.  They will have this basic format:

1.  Description of condition

  • Brief anatomy lesson
  • How it usually happens and it’s typical progression if left untreated

2.  Self-Help Measures

  • Overview
  • Supplies needed
  • Demonstration of technique
  • Monitoring and future actions

And, I’ve reached the part where I need to make a disclaimer:

The content of this site is not meant to diagnose and cure your particular condition, as the standards of medical care require a face-to-face examination to arrive at a definite diagnosis and prognosis.  Consult with your doctor if you have a medical condition.

This site only serves to provide self help information on and an understanding of common forms of musculoskeletal pain that are not emergency/ life threatening in nature.


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