Why Pain Happens, and Why There is a Good Chance it Can Go Away

Pain that persists over time is indicative of a breakdown in a body process, or due to continual re-injury.   If you can find and correct this breakdown or modify your movements so you stop re-injuring the area, your pain will gradually disappear.

Those who focus all their attention on their doctor, therapist or over-the-counter pain medicine to “make the pain go away” without making meaningful changes in their lifestyle are usually the ones who don’t make progress.

Understand that the human body continually seeks a state of healthy equilibrium, and pain is not a part of that state.  That is the hallmark of life; of living.

The only exception to this is a terminal disease/ body shutting down for impending death, which I hope does not apply to you.

If pain is present, your body wants to get rid of it just as much as you do in your mind.  The problem is that something is standing in the way.  It is handicapping your body in some way.  Find that something, fix it/ get rid of it, and your body’s own maintenance crew—immune system, specialized reparative cells, and countless metabolic and catalytic processes will do the rest.

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